RE-PORT – Salient Features:

The core function of RE-PORT is to create a ‘mutually beneficial connect’ between the Renewable Energy Project sellers and the Project buyers in the following manner:

  • Create a shared space for enabling processing of transactions of RE projects by offering a common platform to the RE stakeholders.
  • Facilitate competitive transaction of RE projects – towards best deals for either sides.
  • Enhance visibility of RE-Projects so as to enable enhanced exposure of individual projects.
  • Bridge the existing gap or mismatches between RE Stakeholders.
  • Dispense due information render safe trade propagation.
  • Eliminate the middleman, i.e. conciliators/agents.
  • Enhance transparency among stakeholders, manifold decrease diversified risks associated with RE transaction such as investment/financial risks, performance related risks, etc.
  • Provide exhaustive assistance to clientele.
  • Deliver core business services in 24x7 mode.
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RE-Transaction Process:

RE-PORT offers smarter and efficient Transaction of Renewable Energy Projects between Project Buyers and Sellers, linking the two ends under an informed nd guided process for enabling mutually profitable ransaction. The CECL’s expertise helps in presenting techno-commercial spects of the RE-Projects making a direct value addition to the transaction process. Here are the details:

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  • Activity 1: Seller Offers RE-Project
    • Sellers Register and submit RE projects alongwith basic details.
  • Activity 2: Vetting & Hosting by CECL
    • CECL scrutinises Project data, performs preliminary analysis, prepares basic report.
    • CECL also facilitates techno-commercial vetting of projects on Sellers’s request.
    • Hosts the project on RE-PORT for exposure
  • Activity 3: Buyers access the Project
    • Buyers register to access and buy Basic reports or Vetted reports of RE projects on sale.
  • Buyer & Seller get into direct interaction
    [without RE-PORT]

What does RE-PORT Facilitate?

  • Bridges existing gap/mismatch between RE stakeholders.
  • Provides exhaustive assistance to clientele.
  • Facilitates competitive transaction of RE projects.
  • Dispenses due information to render safe trade propagation.
  • Eliminates the middleman, i.e., conciliators, agents, etc.
  • Decreases the RE transaction associated diversified risks [i.e., investment/financial risks, performance related risks, etc.], manifolds.

Why an Expert agency?

Where as RE-PORT provides a much wider global exposure, involvement of an expert agency helps ensure value addition in the whole process.

  • RE projects can never be transacted just on basis of one sided hypothetical claims.
  • nor would buyers be interested randomly in any project.

Project vetting and due diligence, Technical evaluation, certification and ranking, performed by a competent agency like CECL, helps:

  • Enhance transactional authenticity and credibility of RE Projects.
  • Establish stakeholders’ faith.
  • Lift and commercialize the information on RE-PORT through its recognized brand/expertise.


Consolidated Energy Consultants Limited (CECL), one of the oldest consultancy ventures, is a trendsetter operating in the Reneweable Energy sector since 1986.

CECL’s Services:

  • Site Identification; Wind Resource Assessment
  • Meso-scale Modelling
  • Micro-siting & Energy Estimation
  • Feasibility Study; Due Diligence; Validation of Energy Estimation
  • Project Management; Design & Engineering; Procurement; Repowering
  • Performance Monitoring/Improvement
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RE-PORT is one of CECL’s ambitious initiatives, set to enhance the efficiency of bulk transactions in the RE domain.

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Core Competence

The core competence of CECL roots in the Wind Energy sector. Generation of electrical power from wind calls for multidisciplinary engineering and scientific inputs, and that is what we offer: services on all related technical aspects of wind power, with outreach beyond concept-to-commissioning. An ultimate comprehension of sector-specific requirements and the continuous revitalization of techno-managerial knowledge base and skills, reinforce our core competence.


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